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Haarlem weekend

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This afternoon has been a day of shopping and relaxation in the centre of Haarlem. First coffee and cheese cake for lunch at Victor’s Espresso bar, then hunting for odd bits and pieces such as plants for the upstairs living room. A special thanks to the lovely girl in the Body Shop, who were so kind to give me a Raspberry body butter cream free of charge. It smells heavenly and will take its place on my nightstand. On the way back I picked up some home made delicacies at Broekhof traiteur. Tonight is a feast with candlelight dinner and rented films!

lunch and a magazine at Victor's in Haarlem

nothing beats Dutch flower shops

hunting for dinner

luxury for body and soul

new window decoration

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what makes a difference

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I had the best sleep in days. I woke up late for my standards (09.45), and thus managed to almost get 8 hours of beauty sleep! Lately I’ve had very strange dreams and last night was no exception. I dreamt I was married to this latino dude (one of those I tend to meet on salsa parties). He was all buffed up, went to the gym 5 days a week, tight t-shirt, and sleek hair. Completely not the type of guy I would fall for. To add insult to injury he had absolutely no brains. All he talked about was his body, his next waxing appointment and how good the chicks looked. I was trapped in a nighmare marriage! Reinout (my real life hubby) was a friend of mine, and when I declared my love for him he reminded me that I was married and he would not start an affair with a married woman (very noble of him!). But as with every nightmare, the best part is waking up to reality, how boring and mundane it may seem...

digging into my husbands beauty products this morning...not so far from my latino husband after all...

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Ice cream therapy

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The flu hasn’t escaped me either. At 3 pm I packed my bag at work and went home. After several hours of sleep I still feel like I’m about to expire any moment. But a soar throat warrants for Ben & Jerry's ice cream and that is exactly wat I’m nursing together with a cup of  Citrosan (a hot brew of paracetamol and lemon – quite tasty actually). Tonight is going to be an early night......I’m desperate to catch some sleep.

today in pictures...

on my way to the office

opposite we conveniently have a coffeeshop

Amsterdam graffiti on semi derelict houses

In the news... Sweden is hot this winter...
but working mothers are not..."it's child abuse when the mother is working full time"....after all not such a liberal country as most people think

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Life has taken so many twists and turns in my life. At 19 I found myself on a plane to another continent, and another country far from my own. It started a journey of my life which has still not ended. Which led me to explore the roads less travelled, to strange encounters and moments of truth and clarity only to be lost in the great enigma called life. I've loved, lost, regained and found. So many stories, so little time, so much to still be explored...this is me....
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